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4-2018 Language and Citizenship Education: Discussion, Deliberation and Democracy

4-2018 Language and Citizenship Education: Discussion, Deliberation and Democracy

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Beatrice Szczepek Reed and Ian Davies

In this issue of JSSE ideas and issues about citizenship education and its connection with language are explored. It emphasizes the contested nature of characterisations of language and education. The editors allowed for the possibility of a consideration of issues using insights from a range of academic disciplines and areas (e.g. political science; psychological perspectives; international studies; sociology etc.). 

Published: 2019-01-22
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Cinzia Albanesi
Mehmet Acikalin, Hamide Kilic
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Feliciano Chimbutane
Feliciano Chimbutane writes about language and citizenship education in postcolonial Mozambique. We can see clearly in this piece that language and colonialism are inextricably entwined. Further, we can see that the connection between language and power in the form of ideologically-based constraints does not become less once a society has begun to establish a post-colonial identity. Efforts to promote linguistic – and broader cultural and political – diversity are related directly to forms of citizenship education.
Andreas Eis, Claire Moulin-Doos
Hannu Heikkinen
Dorothee Gronostay

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