Interkulturelle Kompetenz im Polizeialltag – Evaluation eines Trainings


  • Beate Küpper
  • Andreas Zick



An evaluation of an intercultural training event for police officers. The training event was developed by the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne with the aim of teaching the competence to successfully shape intercultural interactions. The authors were commissioned to evaluate the training with a minimal budget and without interfering in the training. Three evaluation units were conducted. First, we evaluated debriefing sessions concerning the expectations and experiences. Second, we asked two hundred former participants about the relevance of intercultural competence and about how successfully it had been taught. Third, a new form of evaluation was implemented. Participants of the training event and two control groups watched a film with a typical everyday situation and were asked about their interpretation of the situation. All three units showed an improvement of intercultural competences. However, the problem of turning general cultural competence into daily routine seems to remain.





Küpper, B., & Zick, A. (2004). Interkulturelle Kompetenz im Polizeialltag – Evaluation eines Trainings. Journal für Konflikt- Und Gewaltforschung, 6(1), 70–96.